Saturday, 19 October 2013

Corvus Vinium 2009

I came across Corvus Vivnium 2009 on a recent holiday and thought I'd give it a go. I've heard mildly positive things about it (nothing earth-shattering, but positive nonetheless) and it's always nice to unearth a lesser-known wine.

A rather smaller intro than usual on this as I didn't pick up any interesting facts or titbits about Corvus, other than that they are very much at the forefront of a growing interest in Turkish wine. Drunk at Locanda, by Kalkan, with an excellent calves' liver dish. The grape is called Karalahna.

Colour: A little cloudy - deep ruby red.

Nose: It was a touch cold to start with, so a fairly muted nose. In time sour cherry came through but the nose was rather astringent (if a nose can be astringent). It felt very drying. Hint of mint in the back and perhaps a touch of violet and pine sap - encouraging the slightly sharp scent. Leather in there too.

Palate: Regardless of whether a nose can be astringent, the palate most certainly is. A very dry wine with fairly prominent cherry and pepper. Whilst it softened in time, pepper and sour cherry dominate and it remains a dry wine. Not too sharp though.

Body: Med-full - quite hard to tell due to the astringency.

Finish: Simple, shortish and inoffensive.

Conclusion: Rather a nice table wine that went well with the rich and tangy calves liver I had. While it was a very dry wine, which is a style I'm less fond of, it had points of merit and was a perfectly enjoyable table wine for holiday.

Points: 83

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