Tuesday, 29 January 2013

State of the Union

Well, as you can see I'm slowly getting into the swing of things and am slowly filling up the pages of the Blog with various reviews. At the moment I'm slightly amazed at how broad my readership is - with readers from South Africa, America, Germany and Brazil supplementing my UK base. So dankie, thanks, danke and obrigado - please send it all around to your pals and I'd love to hear some comments at some point. I always enjoy hearing a second opinion on a wine and mine is by no means that of a professional. Equally, any comments on how I review or any wines you'd like to see reviewed (within reason) would be welcomed - I know I write rather flowery reviews, but I quite enjoy the chance to be a little silly.

As things go on I hope to review all the wines I have taken notes on over the last year or so (somewhere around 90), so there will be a little bit more balanced with some more negative reviews coming in. At the moment, I'm sticking to the positive ones as those were the ones I enjoy writing about the most. At some point I plan on reviewing some wine websites and shops, but there are one or two little points I need to address before that (mainly securing a wider readership and ensuring I don't end up libelling someone by mistake!). Other ambitions include working out how to start cataloguing things properly into reviews by country, grape, flavour etc., but I don't think that will be worthwhile or realistic until I've managed to get a fair few more reviews down.

So there we are. A brief gap in the reviews, then back to the bottle. Happy glugging!

Image nabbed from Symposium Wines. Thanks chaps.

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